Valid wayspots removed, pls return them

Good afternoon,

Late June 2024 two wayspots were accepted into the game as portal. Just yesterday they have been removed. As far as I know it was a valid waypoints.

  1. Europapa (accepted June 30th 2024)

  1. Spaceman

Can you put them back? Make another ruling?

It amazes me wayspots are removed after such short time having been ‘up’. Any idea how come?

Spaceman doesn’t appear to have safe pedestrian access. You need to be able to walk up to it and touch it, and the footpath appears to go behind it rather than in front of it, meaning you’d be in danger of three lanes of traffic.

I can’t find the other one on street view, so I can’t comment on it, but if it replaced the Rome Omega mural on the other side of the road, it would also be unsafe.

Heya Hank, thanks for replying. In both cases you’re off though. Both wayspots can be reached by safe pedestrian access.

Spaceman has a sidewalk in the front and back. The sidewalk in the back even has a pedestrian crossing (including traffic lights) just a few meters up the road. I started to doubt myself so I went back to double check…

The sidewalk leading up to

Both sidewalks, back and front

And last but not least, pedestrian crossing and trafficlights

I don’t think it can be much safer then this…

Europapa waypoint is accross the road. I should have added the additional info in my first post perhaps.

There’s clearly a sidewalk and bikepath in front… It’s not as nice as it was before, but still… Joost is visible in the middle :slight_smile:

Whilst I can see what you’re on about with what you’re calling a sidewalk in front of the mural, it isn’t connected to the actual footpath that goes behind the pillar, and most likely isn’t intended for regular pedestrian use. It’s more likely there for if someone breaks down, or maintenance needs to be performed on the bridge. I certainly wouldn’t feel safe walking there, especially if a heavy goods vehicle or other large vehicle was going by at speed and causing air turbulence. It’s too narrow and too close to the traffic.

Europapa does seem to have safe access as there’s footpath and a bike lane separating it from the road, so I would agree that from a safety point of view, this could be restored. My only other concern with this is whether it’s permanent, as street view shows many different murals and graffiti tags over the years.

Good morning,
I must say I’m somewhat surprised that you wouldn’t feel safe walking in front of that Spaceman graffiti. There are numerous wayspots located at much smaller sidewalks where heavy traffic and more goes by. I noticed numerous wayspots at locations without any sidewalk. There is a decent meter width of sidewalk in front of this wayspot to walk on. This makes it very safe to me. And isn’t it also up to players to be very careful and make their game experience as safe as possible?

I don’t know wether the location was intended for regular pedestrian use. If that weren’t so, there would have been warning signs or fences up. I guess (that’s rather vague, I know) there woudn’t have been a pedestrian path right up to the location if it wasn’t meant to be used as such either.

Graffiti waypots indeed aren’t as permanent as monumental buildings. Those drawings do usually stay up for quite a while (often years). It would of course be up to me and other players in the area to keep check on wether wayspots are still ok, and if not, remove them from the game or change them. I see that as an ongoing activity when submitting new wayspots.


Looks like both have a footpath to me-I dont see any safety concerns. Not everywhere has space for a really wide footpath and these look similar to paths in my area that are used frequently.

Hi @Asqii, we took a second look and have restored the Wayspots. You should see the changes reflected soon.

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Thank you very much :+1:

And @hankwolfman thanks for keeping me sharp :call_me_hand: