Wall Art Wayspot Deleted

Wayspot Title: Felix Graffiti

Location (lat/lon): (38.491426, 27.060288)

City: İzmir

Country: Turkey

Additional Information (if any):Hello. This waypoint was removed shortly after it was added to the map. The waypoint features wall art and is located in a spot where transportation is not an issue. It can also be confirmed from the street view. However, I cannot understand the removal of this waypoint. What does Niantic expect from us, unique works of art?

Wayspot Photo:

Support Photo:


That’s not even remotely qualified to be a wayspot. Your sceond photo shows graffiti of male genitalia!


That’s anything but art

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The second photo was the support photo. So I added it to support the candidacy. Unfortunately I’m not the one who drew it, it’s not my fault.

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Even if we take the supporting pe​nis out of the equation, I don’t see how the wayspot was eligible in the first place.


The problem with graffiti, is that it is not usually approved by the owner of the wall or building or the local government. Meaning it is subject to being painted over. If it was an approved mural, we’d have a very different situation on our hands.

I did a quick google search on murals in Izmir, here is what I found, and I hope this helps.

  1. Local Government Records and Initiatives: The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is likely to have records of authorized wall murals within the city. They may have conducted surveys or maintained databases to keep track of these public art installations.
  2. Art Organizations and Initiatives: Art organizations, collectives, or initiatives in Izmir may also be involved in creating or documenting wall murals. They could provide insights into the number of murals and their locations.
  3. Online Platforms and Social Media: Websites like Street Art Cities or social media platforms such as Instagram often feature photos and locations of street art, including wall murals. Searching these platforms with specific hashtags related to Izmir’s street art scene could yield valuable information.
  4. Local Residents and Tourist Guides: Local residents or tourist guides familiar with Izmir’s street art scene may have firsthand knowledge of popular mural spots and could provide estimates or insights into the overall number of murals in the city.
  5. Physical Surveys and Mapping: Conducting a physical survey or mapping exercise of different neighborhoods in Izmir known for street art could also help in counting the number of wall murals present.

By combining information from these various sources, it may be possible to arrive at an estimate or a more accurate count of the total number of wall murals in Izmir, Turkey.


Graffiti often gets approved as “Art” however, thats when it includes pictures.
All that is is a series of spray painted names/digits.


Thanks for the appeal @EndoplazmikR We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Wayspot.

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