Wayfarer abuse in Ebberup, Denmark

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Some time back I stumbled upon a huge load of obviously fake Wayspots all in the same small town (Ebberup, Denmark). They were mostly small power boxes with street art paintings - only problem is they were clearly stolen images from other Wayspots or Shutterstock and other image search results.

I took the time and energy to report as much of it as I could to the Wayfarer Help team (within the Wayfarer page) and fortunately, most of it got removed.

Today I got a nomination for review from Ebberup though and it was a painted power box. Not street art, it just seemed someone was trying to “create” a Wasypot. I did not catch an image of this as I ended up logging all the surrounding fake Wayspots instead. But the nomination I saw was called Street art on the box (title) Nice street art on the box. (description). Address was Ebberupvej 85, 5631 Ebberup, Danmark (please hide/censor if necessary?).

There are generally MANY Wayspots in the town that seem to be on private property or school grounds, but most seem real enough at least.

However this one is clearly not:
Pas på dinosaur i skoven.
The photo is taken/bought from Shutterstock. This does also not look like a Danish scene at all so that was my first hunch something was off with this one.
Btw it is also on daycare facility grounds, as well as the Wayspot a bit north of the fake dino one.

Street art box, with different logos.
This is fake. The website written on it is also German, not Danish. The photo does not match the surroundings it’s supposed to be in here.

Street art “Pokemon” on the box.
Background behind the box does not match the area at all and does not match any Danish power companies logo or writing. I’m also 90% sure I saw this photo on a German portal, just can’t remember which one.

Street art in the town.
I can’t prove say for sure that this is fake, but it looks fake to me and it seems to be the same submitter (putting full stop at the end of all their titles seems to be their thing)

These are just the worst ones. I think it adds to the abuse that this submitter has created many fake Wayspots before, had many removed and then does this again. This is not what Wayfarer is about and this should have consequences.

Thanks in advance for reading and looking at the locations, team.
Let’s keep working towards keeping the Wayfarer map clean and reflecting the real world. :pray:


Street art in the town.
I can’t prove say for sure that this is fake, but it looks fake to me and it seems to be the same submitter (putting full stop at the end of all their titles seems to be their thing)

There’s a label on the utility box for E.DIS, which is a German utility company.

I can’t say I know anything about E.DIS or if they also operate in Denmark, but this makes me raise an eyebrow too, especially since it’s also got German writing on it.

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This is very much known by the German speaking community groups I manage. e.Dis is only active in eastern Germany and Poland. The picture even has some German web address in the upper right corner so another mismatch. It was only a matter of time these enbd up somewhere else :grin:

@RESfarer Usually the staff will insist that the wayspots have to be reported ingame first but for fakes like this they just do it here when they get to it, for example @NianticLC .

Using the abuse form would be even better as to protect yourself from weird people showing up here and so on, these are also usually handled faster: Reporting Abuse in Wayfarer — Wayfarer Help Center


I’ve never heard about the company and had a hunch it was German (since the “submitter” seems to love German Wayspots), thanks for confirming. :+1:

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Thank you!
I just feel like I’ve seen the Pokémon box too many times now. :joy:
Thank you for the link also. I chose to put it here though because I already reported a whole wave of these in the same town some months back (can’t remember exactly) and I decided that this should be exposed since the abuser has no shame and just keeps doing their thing.
I also feel Niantic should know this and honestly, it’s time to ban this person’s/group’s Wayfarer accounts. This is so far away from what Wayfarer is about and I think it’s important to send a signal to everyone that this is not at all acceptable.
Knowing the games (particularly GO), they can probably just make new accounts and carry on their activitites… Not much (if anything at all) is ever done about multiple accounts in GO. One of the reasons I chose to close my account 2 yrs ago. It’s out of control. :pensive:

@NianticLC Hi, tagging you since kawin240 suggested your name. I’d love it if you and the team could go into this and get Ebberup cleaned up, so to speak. :pray:


It’s funny because when I see something like this, or just really bad nominations in review (often they have this ‘there is no gym in …insert town name…’), it just makes me want to say Challenge accepted! and travel there and find something proper and eligible to nominate instead.
Actually I’ve done that a few times. :joy:
There are some stories there… lol


:wave: @RESfarer, I’ve flagged your report for the team to review and will update you soon.


Thank you! :pray:

We have reviewed this report and taken action on the Wayspots and Wayfinders in accordance with our policies.

Thank you, @RESfarer for helping us maintain the quality of the Wayspots.


Hi again, thanks for the cleanup. I still see the fake Wayspot Street art on the box. though. As @kawin240 kindly explained, e.dis is only active in Eastern Germany and Poland, and you can se the web address ending on .de instead of .dk as well. This Wayspot is also a fake one.
I only decided to check since I just got a location edit suggestion from Ebberup for review just now. Not to check up on you guys. :sweat_smile: But there’s actually still one remaining fake Wayspot on the map unfortunately.

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Hi again, this one is still an active Wayspot.

Did I copy the wrong coordinates? It’s not there in Ingress afaik

Edit: NVM I found it

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