Wayfarer abuse in Ebberup, Denmark

I went ahead and have sent it to the abuse form, if I looked at the correct address it should be removed now

The newest addition is featured as a Showcased Wayspot… :skull::sob::laughing:

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Already found the source of the photoshop, to the form it goes…


You are on fire, thank you so much for all the help!! :fire:

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Just received an answer, I asked them to look into the entire submitters history: they told me that they acted on 17 Wayspots!


Some nerd thought they hacked the system :joy:

Someone posted this in my OPR group in Ingress. She got it for review. She wrote “Guess where?” lol.
I asked that if anyone in the group get these nominations for review, that they take screenshots (of the address, photo and supporting photo, etc)
But it looks like the submitter is still at it, unfortunately.

@NianticLC would it be possible for the staff to generally investigate the area, reject and penalize fraudulent nominations, instead of everyone waiting until some abuse pops up during review?

Otherwise it’s going to be a bit annoying from the our side to always file a new report :sweat_smile:


@kawin240 I’ve forwarded this request to the abuse team to scan the area for the similar cases of fake abuse. If we happen to miss any Wayspot, you can always file a report using the Wayfarer help chat or through the abuse web form, and our team will review it promptly.


Is it because ‘Supress reply directly’ above is on in the admin control?


I’ve seen a lot, like a LOT of photos that should be removed from Wayspots that are all or at least mostly from before ML.
It would just be such a good idea to add this option to suggest certain photos removed. It would make so much sense.

Is this the same typ?: