Wayspot Removed after Scanning

My recently added location was rejected due to its nature. I am unsure why it was rejected, as I provided all the necessary information available to me at the time. I am using this location to trigger an AR experience through 8th Wall’s web-based AR, and it will only be used from May 23rd to May 30th.

Please accept this waypoint as time is of the essence. I have faced significant challenges, including adverse weather, to scan the current location multiple times. Adding another location would further impact my development time. I will ensure it remains updated as requested via Maverick on Discord.

location details as per URL

Location 6.931438,79.842187

ID acf68a4777483b84b028f5d1440a7cfe.16

8th Wall issues should go through your account agent at 8th Wall. I believe they have a completely different support service.

Regardless, even 8th Wall private wayspots need to meet basic safety standards. If this is in a traffic roundabout, it violates the pedestrian safety requirement for all wayspots.

This does not meet the standard for safe pedestrian access

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