Wayspot removed for unknown reasons

Wayspot title: Tassavtryck
Location: 58.58728,16.174055
City: Norrköping
Country: Sweden
Additional info:
The poi was removed, but to be honest I have no idea when.
Its not a very ”large” poi, but is clearly visible under normal circumstances.
Tassavtryck means ”printed paws”. And in this particular case, its printed paws into a block of concrete.
The information of the poi was stating:
”In the memorial of the cat Sigge who spent his days at Pronova”.
It might sound a little odd but its not a madeup thing. The prints did not happend by accident, they have a vert wellknown local history.

This poi is located close to the entrance of Pronova, a larger building that has officehotels. Pronova is a place were both small and larger companies could rent offices.
(European directories once rented office here)
And many of the thousends of people who have worked at pronova during the years noticed a cat, that greeted them every day, during the years.
It was there every day, but didnt seem to be homeless.
So local newspaper researched this and did a newsarticle about the cat in 2011.
When the cat passed away in 2012, (age 14), it was honored with a memorial, paws printed in concrete, placed at the entrance of Pronova thats was his favourite spot.
The local newspaper did an article about that as well.
The prints was once covered in gold, but the colour has fainted with the years. (It was 12 years ago since the memorial was raised)
Prints are quite deep, maybe 1 cm so still very visible.
Its possible the poi was located a little bit off, but you would not miss it if looking at the picture.
The concreteplate has a little bit different colour then the others, even if its hard to capture with camera. Its not visible from very far away since prints are in actual size.
I may not know all the reasons for a poi to be removed, but I think this one still would be alligable as poi.
It has a wellknown history connected to the local area, so a place to explore.
Its a piece of the local history, and memorial of a cat that greeted several thousends of people during the years.
Attached a geotagged photo of the poi, photographed yesterday. If more photos are needed I will provide these.

Links to the newsarticles:

Thanks for the appeal, @amaterasu00. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to restore the Wayspot in question.


Thankyou so much!