Wayspot title edit with banned word

  • Wayspot Title: Giáo Hội Cơ Đốc PL Việt Nam
  • Location: 10.799621,106.680466
  • City: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email: none
  • Additional Information:

Right title: Giáo Hội Cơ Đốc Phục Lâm Việt Nam

This church wayspot was submitted by my friend some years ago. The right title contains the word “Phục” which is banned by the system (look like the F word), so he was not able to give the right title to this wayspot. Recently he tries to edit this title but still no use, the word is still banned. He also requests via the wayfarer help chat but the in-charge persons said that they only help edits with rejected email.
So now I bring this matter to the forum to help him. Please help to change this wayspot’s title to the right name. Thank you!

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Can we have either a help chat option or forum thread for this ongoing issue, also?
I have several wayspots that need to be corrected to their legitimate official titles.