What does "accessible" actually mean?

I think we’re probably all familiar with this…

The question is, what does “accessible” actually mean? I get that it’s not meant to be in the middle of a road, an emergency department, active volcano or whatever but what does it main in terms of proximity? Does it mean that you can potentially stand in the exact centre of the wayspot, or is it OK if it’s 40 metres or 80 metres away?

You have to be able to stand directly AT the wayspot. The interaction distance from any game is irrelevant since they all have different measures for that.

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You don’t need to be able to stand at the wayspot, but pedestrians do.

You might not be able to get less than 200m away from the wayspot, perhaps there’s a fence and you aren’t allowed through.

For the people who are, assuming we aren’t talking about a single-family property, they must be able to walk and stand directly at the wayspot. It might be 40m directly above them though, and they might not be able to physically touch it.


The Wayspot needs to be in a location where someone can stand at the wayspot safely, and for an extended period. It’s not enough to be able to, say, touch the wayspot while there’s a red light and then quickly walk away before the light turns green.

I always say that you need to be able to touch the Point of Interest, but an important caveat to this if it’s an art piece that is suspended in the air, being under the Point of Interest is sufficient.


Ah, yes, i meant you in the general sense of “a human.”


So, let’s say a POI was inaccessible in some way… for example, a historic site with a fence to protect it. Placing the wayspot on the POI would be the wrong thing to do? Instead it could be placed next to the POI on the fence boundary?