Where to appeal a denied modification of a portal?

Where now to appeal a denied name change request?
At this forum is just a area for removesd portals and under help at the wayfarer page is just a link for location edits and appeals. :man_shrugging:t2:

you do this through help chat now


when you go to this link, a button will pop up that will let you enter the chat

Thanks guys… missed the :left_speech_bubble: Icon :sweat_smile:

It might be quicker and easier to submit a new edit if you can. They seem to be processed a lot quicker recently.

I know for some that I tried to resubmit after being rejected, the system would automatically reject the new edit. That doesn’t happen on all of them.

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I resubmited it sveral times and also tried to move the “wrong” portal to the right place, all denied.

The problem is: The “wrong” portal is the sign of an project to help children, in the background of the portal picture you see a historical building, but it isnt related to the project.

so this “wrong” portal is at the place of this building. When I submited the historical building as new portal it ended as duplicate result and the pictures were added to the “wrong” portal (several times)

in the end the “wrong” portal have now several pictures of the real building and of a sign showing its a historical building and a Industrial monument BUT just one picture of the 'children project sign"
also there is no portal description.

now my plan was to get enough players to vote for the proper image of the building (done), get it renamed (was denied again), make a proper description (was denied as well even there is none) and resubmit the childen project again at the proper location with a fresh picture of the sign.

Tried resubmitting the title edit again just in case something has change. Submitted and denied in the same minute:

Have made an appeal via help chat.

Was accepted.