Why is my two portal submitted not being accepted?

I have nominated fuvahmulah medical center and LePosh which both is actually listed in google maps verified as legit places, yet it’s been not approved. Is it that i am not paying to buy in game stuffs? Really suprised that actual google maps located places are rejected and bullshit while un real places are being accepted like drinking water.

A medical centre isn’t a great place to socialise, exercise or explore, and wayspots need to be at least one of those things in order to be eligible. Just existing on Google Maps doesn’t make something eligible.

Likewise, I don’t really see how Le Posh meets any of those criteria myself, and I also can’t see why it wouldn’t be considered a generic business, as it’s just a regular beauty salon without any more information to go on.


Hello @Kingmv
When you submit a nomination it gets assessed to see if it meets the criteria - one of great place to exercise, socialise or explore. There also other checks in place.
As @hankwolfman has said the 2 places you have submitted are unlikely to have met the criteria. If you would like help with finding things then we will be happy to help.
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