Why is this flagged for abuse & fake?

Greenville SC (34.776855,-82.33065)

I was finally getting back into nominating with the new system, 85 submittined,43 accepted, 2 denied so far since 4-1-24 and then this happens. Can someone explain to me how this is targeting another player or fake?

Title: Holly Ridge Pool
Description: Pool located in the Holly Ridge community for the residents and guests to use.
Supporting: Brand new pool and is not on satellite. Please view google street view if you need to check location accuracy.

Hi @demartin0
The rejection reason is “3. party photo”, not fake.

Sorry I consider that as being fake. So I guess why was I accused of abuse and the photo not being mine? I spent some time trying to get the best shots since the sun was setting and causing glare issues.

Was it an auto-reject?

my email leads me to believe it was reviewed by an actual employee. It went into niantic voting immediately.

“Our team” is generally taken to mean the machine learning as opposed to an individual.

Just assumed it was reviewed by a person because it was in Niantic Voting for about 9-10 days. Most have taken 1-2 when this has happened to me since the system update, but you are probably right.

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If it was that long in voting then it was likely internal nia review rather than the ML replies that take less than 24 hours.

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