Wrong decision by the abuse/removal team

Bug Reports should include the following and any additional information you feel is necessary to aid in the investigation of the bug.

  • Description of the issue
    While reviewing, I found a cluster of accepted POIs on hospital ground (ca 30). I reported it via abuse form under “criteria problems”, because they occupy emergency access. After doing that, I received an email, that the POIs in question doesn’t meet the current removal criterias.
    In my opion that’s a wrong decision. Additional evidence, like location f.e. I would give anonymously
  • Date first (or most recently) experienced
    29.05.2024 (request) + 30.05.2024 (denied)
  • Device type, model, and operating system
  • Game & Game Version (if applicable)
    wayfarer abuse form and the team who’s working on it

Also wanted to tag @hankwolfman

That’s not a wrong decision. We stand by it. Most of the Wayspots are located in the park behind the hospital. The ones on the hospital property are located away from the driveway used by the emergency vehicles.

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Oh. Ok.
I learned much today.
Thank’s for having a third look on it and for your fast reply.

I apologize to your team