Youth-based Community Garden

Title: Hope Blooms Community Garden
Hope Blooms is a youth-led social enterprise operating out of Murray Warrington Park. The community garden is part of the initiative for food security, community confidence and inclusion, and education. The community garden is complimented by an on-site culinary kitchen and greenhouse. The garden uses renewable energy such as solar-powered picnic tables.
Supporting Info:
This community garden is different than others as it is part of a municipal park and social enterprise partnership with a community garden, culinary kitchen and greenhouse altogether in proximity. It has accolades going back to 2008 within the community for its social and environmental impact. Hopes Bloom was also pitched on the show Dragon’s Den.

We don’t have a youth/children based wayspot other than school which I think encompasses everything. Reading online this is a full youth program where kids enter at age 5 and “graduate” etc. So I am leaning on rejecting it. Although I am sure I am one of the few who would. Any ideas?
Also I love how they put the place marker so far into the garden at the back in a free cell.

Did some digging, and yes, the program is for at-risk youth ages 5-17, teaching them how to grow their own food, cook it, etc. It’s a program that helps tackle food insecurity, as most of what is grown is taken home by the kids, and the rest is sold to help keep the program going. This article from 2015 gives more info:

It’s a tough one, as it’s not a full-on school, more like afterschool or summer program. It reminds me some of Boys & Girls Clubs, most of which offer different afterschool and summer programs, as does the YMCA. Being it does seem similar, and it also focuses on at-risk youth, I would lean towards rejecting.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the older kids that attend would like a Wayspot there or nearby, and it could’ve been one of them that submitted, but hard to know.

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Oh yes so I figured this would be the result. I wanted to look it up to check. I knew I didn’t pick the “right answer” to get my agreement. Yet my rating has never fallen below great, so I am not too worried.
Kids play games too, but this is a program geared towards kids and youth. I have kids and if I saw some random person wandering around trying to scan while kids were there or something it would irk me. Although, maybe that is why people are scanning their feet instead :upside_down_face:

Although, my recent experience with the Niantic individuals who reply to the requests on the form have been quite frustrating. Especially around ones that are towing the grey line.