Appeal rejected removal: closed hotel (Shanghai, China)

Wayspot Title: 摩登假日酒店
Location: 31.211376,121.497482
City: Shanghai
Country: China
Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional Information:

Baidu Map street view 2015 (link):

Baidu Map street view 2017 (link):

Current geotagged photo:

Thanks for the appeal @tonygaosh After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.

Hi @NianticAtlas, it’s been 3 days and the Wayspot is still present on Ingress Intel Map. Could you double check the retirement result?

Can confirm this is still on Lightship.

Thank you! I’m looking into this.

I have refreshed the changes. You should see them reflected soon.

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