Are fishing docks acceptable?

These are 4 different fishing docks at a lake

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For sure. That’s a great place to be social. But make sure that you have a solid write up. GL!


If they are on public property, i like 'em! (Imagine that, Seaprincess likes fishing docks.)


Thank you for including photos with your question! In general, I would submit and accept fishing docks at a public lake. But these little platforms do not look like what I am familiar with as a fishing dock. If they are connected to private single family residential property, then they definitely should not be submitted.

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Keep in mind that these may be in another country. Things in other countries always look different.


I did not say I would reject them and said that I generally approve them if not on private property. Allowed for the fact that I may not be talking about the same thing.

Its a public lake with a footpath going around it.


I just thought that these looked too basic as its just a slab of wood

i think with this link in the supporting you have a good case that these docks are destinations for the park and promote exploration.

there is even an image there showing one of these platforms.


I’ve been getting more fushing docks in review since the weather is warming up. I’m all for them, especially if they are publicly accessible. If they don’t have any signs noting they are publicly accessible, you’ll want to note this when nominating.

If there are multiple docks, you may want to include some directional information; an example would be Bass Lake North Side Public Fishing Dock, if it’s on the north side of the body of water. Some may number the docks in the title, then include directional information in the description.

I’ve used many fishing docks to do shore fishing, and on a nice day, there certainly can be a group there to socialize with. Public docks also encourage exploration of the body of water they’re on and the plants and animals that call it home.


I’ll submit one and see how it goes. If it gets accepted than ill submit the rest. I want the AI to review it and see what it thinks

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Nominated 2 fishing docks similar to those yesterday (both nominated were double width ones, and one has a plaque saying what it is and about it being donated). Emily has rejected one (the one without the plaque), the other is with Niantic for voting, so will be interesting to see what they vote!

Thanks for update.
My opinion is that it is not likely that all will be acceptable. I appreciate that circumstances vary. Some of these fishing lakes or reservoirs in the U.K. are relatively small and have fishing stands every 4/5m. My local ones are like that with about 25 designated points. Some are numbered to keep track of where permits have been issued for. Some are quite substantial others less so.

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When I have tried to submit these kinds of things they are denied with:
“Temporary/Seasonal or Not Distinct”

So assuming there are some gray areas that make them go both ways…

Fishing is a social activity locally people pitch up tents and several sit chatting away waiting for a fish to bite.
However locally the fishing points are indistinguishable from each other and very simplistic, to the point of being non-obvious.
I have seen others that are different.
So I do think this is a typical it depends situation, where it is all about the individual case.