Denied Wayspot Removal Request

Wayspot Title: Transit Hub
Location: 42.017262,-93.637192
City: Ames, Iowa
Country: United States
Additional Information: This is a bus station that has been demolished due to the construction of a project called CyTown, as seen in the following link. CYTown
Also, here is a photo of the site from yesterday:

The wayspot should be removed. Thank you.

It would help with a geotaged photo

Forgot to include the screenshot of the rejection email:

Also, you can compare my photo to streetview at the exact spot to see that it has been removed.

Hopefully this can be resolved and looked at soon.

This has been resolved.

Thanks for the appeal, and for the confirmation @MRTHEAWESOME After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.