Eligibility of freight track signboards

When submitting a Wayspot appeal, please include as much of the following information as possible:

Shin-Matsudo 4-chome Neighborhood Association Bulletin Board (Shin-Matsudo 294-2)
(35.8298683, 139.9141791)
Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture

Emily got permission from JR East to install a neighborhood association bulletin board on a freight rail fence, but it was denied. JR East is not on private land, and when we inquired with Matsudo City, they said that it is definitely the bulletin board in Shin-Matsudo 4-Chome. How should we make this decision?


Are you able to provide the supporting photo for the nomination, as well as the location?

Also, the rejection email doesn’t see to translate to say if this was rejected by “our team,” which is ML, or “our community,” which would be the reviewers. It just says that after review, it was rejected. The reasons for rejection appear to be generic business, which is incorrect, and other rejection criteria in your screenshot of the nomination.