Entire area of waypoints, bulldozed and a project for city wastewater now (round 2)

I made this post earlier, when I had submitted the removals and was told I had to do it when they actually got denied, well they have been summarily denied.

On the WO&D bike and walking path there is an offshoot trail, that had trees and placards for those trees. I went to destroy the portal, I found the entire area bulldozed.
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The waypoints are
River Birch
39.072343, -77.519432
39.071553, -77.518965
black walnut on goose Creek
39.071664, -77.520448
Two creeks trail entrance
39.070549, -77.520614

  • Leesburg, VA, USA

you can see the waypoint area plans in my screenshot from the project site, the wo&d trail is not closed, this creek entrance and waypoints within it are all razed to the ground and one of my pictures were taken from the portal I’m deployed on, it’s waypoint picture shows what it used to look like and my picture shows what it looks like now.

Sorry something wrong with pictures in one post

The two creek trail area is razed, the “impact to trail users not anticipated” references the WO&D trail proper, which I used without problem but there are hundreds of vehicles to assist this project where I parked

I understand these can take longer than easily verified posts but is this being worked on?

You are wrong. The Two Creeks Trail is being preserved, with some of the trails being relocated. Black Walnut along with River Birch are in undisturbed Tree Preservation area which will be maintained. The Two Creeks park will remain. The entire area is not being “razed” as you stated.

If 2 of the 4 have been destroyed why would 2 others remain? The entire area is a work site and I doubt 2 trees are standing for placards. If the two creeks trail area is going be be remade around the facility the waypoints should be readded then

No, you didn’t read carefully, the area remaining is in a protected " Tree Preservation" area, and that portion of the trails will be maintained.

You stated 2 were undisturbed, one clearly is and you left out redbud. If redbud has been removed why would the other 2 remain? You said the trail will be rerouted but this project could have been done anywhere, this secondary trail was chosen. These trees are everywhere there are several unused parcels of land in the immediate vicinity.
A black walnut or river birch tree are not protected trees. I just added waypoints in shepherdstown for these easily approved placards.

in the past, an area of being an active construction site has been enough on its own for the team to retire wayspots so it probably doesn’t matter what the eventual state will be

The placards in the Preservation area are still there, and so should their portals be preserved.

Is redbud gone? Why would black walnut and river birch survive? I fail to see why any of these Waypoints will survive the project as you insist (you are welcome to post pictures you took this morning)

If Niantic needs me to drive out there again I can, and verify the entire place is bulldozers and diggers and fenced in and in the process of being destroyed but I believe I’ve posted enough evidence. (You can certainly destroy the waypoint that has a blue resonator on it, that’s me and the whole place is gone

@admins @NianticAaron

I am not happy about having to do this but I had to take a side road to Walk around the construction and this is the 3 way view from one of the 2 left. All these waypoints are gone, the trail area here is barely blazed anymore and try as he may heraman isn’t even telling the truth, there exists no placard or post for the black walnut, I’m posting this from it’s nonexistent location. 2 have been removed by the team can the other 2 be removed with this confirmation?

Thanks for the appeal, @Moltensnowflake. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspots in question.