Historical Plaque - Why is this not eligible?

Title: OMC Enlistment Plaque

Description: A plaque that commemorates employees of the Outboard Marine Company who worked at the company in 1939 when the factory in Peterborough was switched to wartime production to support the war effort in Europe for World War II.

Supporting Information: The Outboard Marine Company in Peterborough was originally founded as as the Canadian Johnson Motor Company Ltd. in 1928. It was purchased by OMC in 1931. This plaque commemorates all of the people who worked at the factory at the time, and their efforts to support the war waging overseas.

Please make this make sense. This plaque is in an open area of the local arena, it has a list of all of the people who’s efforts working in the factory contributed to the war effort of World War II. How does this not meet criteria? I’m confused.

This was pulled into Niantic voting and rejected. Is it because they weren’t soldiers? Does that somehow diminish their contributions? I’m confused…

Looks fine to me :person_shrugging:

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And me.
How odd it got rejected. :woman_shrugging:
It’s a great point of interest to me.

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Probably because you have a portrait photo for a landscape object. We’ve been told the rejection reasons from Niantic reviewers aren’t mapping properly, so they must’ve clicked the “Orientation” button but it came out as “ORC”.

I’d have no issue with this. It looks like a perfectly good wayspot. Where is it located? Maybe it is something to do with that? If the location is ok I don’t know why it got rejected.:person_shrugging:

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“Orientation” is supposed to be used to flag photos that are upside-down, sideways, or diagonal.

There has never been guidance that said reviewers should reject things for being landscape or portrait mode. People ought to be able to select a photo that serves their purposes (like containing enough of the background to be certain of its location, or allowing the text to be readable without truncation). Niantic’s reviewers shouldn’t be rejecting for minor imperfections in any case.


I take it you’re not particularly familiar with Niantic reviewers?


It’s located in the hallway of a public arena, right at the top of the stairs where the doors to the seating areas are.

Ya if that’s the case I can’t see why it was rejected unless it’s the photo. Maybe if you are close to it try taking the landscape photo as suggested above and see will that help.

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My thought is, if it’s indoors with no Street View, include the arena name and where in the arena the plaque is located. Yes, most likely the arena name is on the map, but sometimes with indoor nominations, it helps to include where it is. Here’s an example of one of my indoor nomination’s supporting info:


I usually do that, not sure why I didn’t this time honestly…

I would guess that the does not meet all the acceptance criteria part means that there was something, maybe location, where reviewers were split. So you end yup with something that doesn’t make sense.

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This was actually rejected by Niantic, but that could’ve been the case if it went into the community queue.

I also feel as though the extra history info in supporting info might not be needed, or shortened somewhat. Yes, I did find info online that Outboard Marine Company had a factory in Peterborough, ON, and that their North American factories switched over to wartime manufacturing during WWII. I don’t think we need to know how the company started and when OMC took it over.

Maybe a short mention that Peterborough used to be home to an OMC factory, that this plaque honors those that worked there during WWII, and where in the arena the plaque is located.

Looks great to me. I would submit it again. Annoying that it was not accepted the first time

Yes I lost track that this was Niantic review. :thinking:

I mean, it happens from time to time…


Going to resubmit with a link to a video of me looking at this plaque, then walking outside and turning around to show the arena.

bangs head against the wall

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