Hometown set incorrectly by mistake


I incorrectly set my hometown by mistake when creating my Wayfarer account. I know you can’t change that when it’s set but I was wondering if there’s still a way to change that to my actual hometown. Thank you!

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I have reset your Hometown location as a goodwill gesture. This is a one-time exception so please be careful while setting it.


Thank you!

Just in case you don’t know - your hometown determines one of the locations which you can receive reviews from. Some people avoid setting it to their actual home for this reason, since it might overlap with the play area you also receive reviews from.

Thank you for the clarification!

Hello, I incorrectly my hometown location, by accident when I creating the Wayfarer account. I know you can’t changing it when it’s set, but there is no other way to changing it? Thank you for your help.

As a gesture of goodwill, I have reset your Hometown location. Please use caution when setting up the location as it is a one-time exception.

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