Inflatable bounce houses?

Where would inflatables fall? I found a place that was just all inflatables but not sure about eligible or how to even tag it if it is. Ideas? Suggestions?

Looks temporary. Can you provide some kind of proof that they’re permanent?

That is a LOT of them! Are they for sale? Is the public invited to play on them? (For a fee, of course)

Here’s the website for these parks:


There’s several across the US, so it appears they could be permanent.

It does look temporary but its a legit business like a miniature theme park. Yes for public and no not for sale.

Should this be acceptable?
  • Yes
  • No
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Ordinarily I’d say no but judging by the website that was posted in this topic, these seem to be about as permanent as can be. So I would approve these. You’ll definitely have to include the website link to sell it to the reviewers though.

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