Invalid portals


I recently found a farm of fake portals.

For one I was able to find exact location of the real one.

  • Wayspot Title: Ku Pamieci Karola Zalewskiego
  • Location (lat/lon): 52.882535 / 19.112031
  • City: Konotopie
  • Country: Poland

The original memory stone is near Poznań: here is exact location of the wayspot in Zielonka 52.554769, 17.1098

There are overall 8 portals in nearby that all are stolen from other parts of Poland.

Bottom three are directly on someones house - private property.

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Did you do a report on these and have it rejected?

Unfortunetly you have to be in range of portal to report it in game. The five on the right are on private properties. The two on the left are on corn field and right now can’t reach from road maybe after harvest :slight_smile: I can report in game the one on cross-roads.

I plan to get a closer look of each portal image and find their real locations from that, that’s how I managed to verify one of them. 2 are impossible as they are generic - example big cross on the field, but on the map portal is located near houses.

you can use the link at the top of this page to report using the property owner form.
ignore the automated reply email you will get that says you have to be the property owner.

actually you can report invalid portals anywhere in the world using a dynamic link, and i have done so, but with the form you can also offer evidence and can report multiple in the same report. this is not the correct place to ask for removals:

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Next portal is from Kaszuby region:

Next from Kielce:

The tree on cross-roads is from Lipinki:
Cross is from Puszcza Białowieska:

@shinigamiryuk0 as @cyndiepooh has said to report abuse you can simply use the form. The easy link at the top of the forum is to facilitate this.

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If these are misplaced fakes and you have evidence, there is indeed no need to be on-site, but it would be more abuse form than wayspot removals form (also linked at the top) :slight_smile:

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Hi @shinigamiryuk0! We have reviewed the report and have already taken action on the Wayspots and 2 Wayfinders in accordance with our policies. Thank you for helping us maintain the quality of the Wayspots.

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