Is this bulletin board acceptable?

The following bulletin boards were reviewed. The description states that notices of community events will be posted, but upon review of the images, there were no applicable notices. From left to right, there are notices about the cleanup, the handling of unclaimed bicycles, and notices about the manner in which residents should behave. I submitted this review with “Low quality or inaccurate description, Fake nomination”. Maybe there was a time when the regional guidance was given. Please advise me if this was the correct review.


It’s my understanding that community bulletin boards are generally acceptable as they serve the function of being a community gathering place. Past guidance has been to apply similar standards that are used with Little Free Libraries. It wouldn’t be invalid simply because that particular bulletin board didn’t have an important notice on the day the submission photo was taken. That would be like declining a community rec center because the photo was taken at a time when no one was actively using the facilities.


I forgot to mention something important.
At the top of the bulletin board it says “Bulletin Board: Daito Building Management(掲示板:大東建物管理”. I determined that this was a fixture of the housing complex and that the bulletin board was primarily for notices from the management of the housing complex to the residents of the housing complex. However, the applicant stated that community events would be posted. I am wondering if I should have trusted this.

I think you should trust your instincts in cases such as this. Some bulletin boards are truly hubs of community involvement, but often the ones for apartment complexes are there solely for one-way communication of policy.

You, as a person who lives, works, or travels near the area, are a better-informed arbiter than anyone in a different region, culture, country or environment.