Restoration Request of Deleted Wayspots

Wayspot Title:
(A) 悠游的小魚 (Mural of Fish Swimming Leisurely)
(B) 南港國小地下停車場平面地圖
(Floor plan of Nangang Elementary School Underground Parking Lot)

(A) 25.044009,121.500668
(B) 25.056587,121.611132

City, Country:
Taipei, Taiwan

Evidence to support your appeal:

Photo of Wayspot (A):

The street view link of this mural:

The wayspot was deleted on Jul 2024

This mural is on a highway bridge pier,
I think it was removed because “there is no pedestrian access”
But I would like to provide further clarification:

1. in Taiwan, it is impossible to draw zebra crossings where there are no pedestrian crossings.

As mentioned above, there is no point in drawing zebra crossings in areas that do not provide pedestrian walking; The greater possibility is that there are usually pedestrians walking here.

2. The red brick passage to the left of this bridge pier leads to the parking lot under the overpass, which is used for picking up cars.

You can see a small toll booth on the left side of this mural, with the words “Taipei City Public Parking Lot Management Booth” (marked in yellow circle) on the following street view URL

I provide the photos I took at the time:

If the area was not a safe place to walk, there was no way I could safely get under the bridge and take photos.

Finally, near the wall, there are many graffiti works by local young people, which visitors to Wayspot can stop and admire.

Photo of Wayspot (B)

The 360-degree view link of this mural:

The wayspot was deleted on Jun 2024

This Waypsot is a map and location guide of the elementary school parking lot, fixed and locked on the wall. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t fit the Wayspot standard, Only I can think of is that based on “the school attended by the minor(K-18)”.

My explanation is as follows:

1. This parking lot is accessible to everyone

In Taiwan, because the land is small, and there are many people, many schools have built “public parking lots” so that nearby residents can also use them.
You can refer to this URL:

It is “not” stated above that only school teachers and students can use it. It also specifically states that local residents can get discounted prices with their ID cards (marked in red circle)

2. This Wayspot is located in the space above the parking lot, and everyone can enter and exit freely.

Please refer to the 360 ​​degree panorama I take:

Exterior entrance street view of this parking lot:

You may understand that this passage is independent from the school gate and is not directly connected to the school.

Additional Information:
I’m a little curious about one thing. In addition to the above 2 Wayspots, there are a few deleted Wayspots in my city. They are still exist, meet all standards and have safe pedestrian access. I don’t know what happened? Have there been changes in the recent review mechanism and standards?

Thanks for the appeal, Explorer. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire the Wayspots.

I understand and fully respect the results of this review. But I’m very curious: this nomination was originally approved by AI (or Machine Learning, Emily, or whatever you call it). And then a few months later, it was suddenly retire because it was substandard or for some reason??

Logically speaking, Quite contradictory

Attached below are the photos that were approved at the time of review