See Emily play.... Extra characters

Why would Emily auto accept these picture additions for the same Wayspot

But not this

While also rejecting a Title edit from

York House Garden Statues to The Oceanides. I did get it changed via help in less than a day.

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You think Emily is a Pink Floyd fan? That’s specifically the Syd Barrett days.

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I’m sure it doesn’t care :slight_smile:

The 15 characters needed for a post title is a bit annoying too.

We would have to see what pictures were already on the wayspot.

Emily is good at comparing new photos to existing ones and seeing if they are of the same thing. It might be your last picture it doesn’t have enough reference points to decide it’s the same thing.

AI/ML isn’t perfect and each is only as good as its programming, the data sets it has learnt from and the data supplied.

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It went through after three days instead of immediately.

Original looked like this

Only guessing here but AI probably picked up the left most statue leaning over the easiest so not surprised that got recognised.

Not much between the other two but maybe it could just recognise more in the one with raised hand.

The angle of your last photo is a little bit more than the others too. So maybe the combination of things it just couldn’t be sure

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Emily is young they have a lot of learning to do and they are making mistakes, just like we do :joy:
I also think its fairer to compare the gap in their learning of similar things. So I think it is fairer to compare learning gaps between photo submissions but not to compare phot submissions with text edits.
Its not unreasonable to expect Emily’s learning in one area to be at a different stage from another.

And my song quote:
So there’s me, with Emily and Joe
Daddy driving home
All heading in the same direction
He knew, no matter what the breaks
We’d make the same mistakes


If it wasn’t reviewed immediately was it then reviewed again three days later?

Would that would not be odd to not just send it out into community voting after Emily couldn’t decide as opposed to it going through the system again?

Only Niantic can tell us for sure but I have been involved with some systems that put stuff back in the queue to analyse again or more on depth when they have CPU cycles spare on quiet times of the day or week. Maybe something similar has been done here or tweaks have been made and the queue got pushed through again to see if more would be dealt with

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Definition for insanity: continually doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for different results.

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That’s just being a scientist (yes, same thing)

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