Sudden change in my rating

Can someone please tell me ?

I see you have reviewed several hundred wayspots. Did you start relatively recently?
When you review you have to wait for others to review the same ones as you so that they reach an agreement. Your rating is affected by how your reviews align with what others have decided. It takes awhile for those you review to be resolved and your rating to be affected.
During the early stages of becoming a reviewer the rating can vary a lot try taking a break for a day or two and see if the agreements catch up and your rating improves.
If you follow the guidelines you should be ok.


Thank you for the advice :grinning:


My rating recently went from good to great for no apparent reason… I don’t think I changed my behavior at all and my agreement rate is just the same, only a little over 50%. If there was a concrete way for me to tell what I was doing that other people disagreed with then I might get better on purpose rather than by accident. As it is I have no idea where my rating comes from

Maybe you were only a little under “great” to begin with and trending up? Then hit some threshold and went into “great”. Well done, eituer way!

I do agree, I would like to be able to see the outcomes of things I voted for especially if I got a disagreement to see what I could do better.