Wayfarer Criteria Challenge

Bonus Criteria:

Parks and Plazas:

Parks and plazas are great places that host local culture and can be a place to socialize, exercise, and explore. Check below for some additional context regarding parks and plazas.

  • Large shopping centers or stripmalls can be cultural hubs. Even outlet stores can be likened to a tourist destination - people flock hours away for weekend trips to these locations giving regions local recognition. Some strıp malls contain outdoor plazas or local businesses that might just not be visually unique or interesting enough on their own. However, as a collection they are an interesting place to visit or socialize with others. A single fast-food restaurant for instance, may rarely be eligible but if there’s a stripmall that features one or more establishments that draws crowds, the plaza sign should be an adequate nomination.


  • Parks are definitely eligible Wayspot nominations, even ones without official name stones or signs indicating it as a park but are clearly still parks. Similar to the one below, it’s fine to place the pin in the middle of the park and then take a main photo that captures as much of the park as possible. Keep in mind that signage or other obvious focal points are prefered but not necessary. A good nomination will provide evidence that the location is intended to be used as a park or open use recreational area. If signage is created after the nomination gets accepted, then edits can be made (location/photo).


  • Of course picnic tables had to be a part of this discussion too! These are great places for socialization and may encourage exploration as one looks for a place to rest and eat. While these may not be bolted or cemented into the ground, it’s easy to see that the grass underneath them is weathered down by heavy use, indicating these have been in this location for some time. If they’re located close together then it can constitute one nomination but if they’re at opposite sides of the park with significant distance between them, then that might constitute for another Wayspot nomination.

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(originally posted September 2022)