Wayspot description edit re-appeal

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Knight vs Dragon

  • Location (lat/lon):38.8664264, -106.9794667

  • City: Crested Butte, CO

  • Country: USA

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email *(do not include your personal

  • Additional Information (if any): This description edit appeal was rejected without anyone actually looking at the information provided. This is a very important sculpture to the community and is nearly the first thing you see coming into town. It may sound outlandish but everything in this description is true amd people deserve to know. Please actually look at the link I provided in the appeal and read the official story on this piece from the city arts website. Knight and the Dragon - Center for the Arts Crested Butte

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