Wishes and suggestions for a better report and edit system

Trying to best argue your reasons for submitting edits or removal requests can be a frustrating experience since often you can guess the outcome before even submitting the edit or request.
It could be anything from a grammatical error or spelling mistake that Niantic and/or their AI don’t understand, or it could be an object removed from its location permanently, but you need specific info to know this.
That info could be a website where it is confirmed that this is now what the object/location is or looks like. It could be a link for an online translation service or dictionary to inform about another language than English.
It could even be photos or a short video recording.

These things could be uploaded in sort of a supporting info box, like the one we have when we nominate things.
Then the info could help Niantic (or the AI, if it must be - no, I am certainly not a fan lol) understand how the edit or report is correct and should be implemented.

I realize this would be a larger update to make, but I really do believe this would improve these parts of the Wayfarer experience tremendously!
I think many Wayfarer users certainly recognize the feeling of frustration, of lack of fairness, when we get a rejection on an edit suggestion or report that should have been accepted. Like, without a doubt should have been accepted.

Example: I requested a Wayspot removed that was once a playground area, but now there are hammocks instead and it looks totally different. The hammocks and even the newly placed sand was very visible on Google satellite photo when I reported it. The report was almost insta-rejected. Perhaps this was the AI’s work, but then the AI shouldn’t handle reports and edits - but that’s a whole different discussion… (but still, grr!)
With a short explanation and a photo/video I could have easily shown the area and proven my suggestion to be correct.

If we could somehow have a small text box and perhaps with the option to upload files such as photos or even a short video to show the location in question, that could help so much.
I can’t help but notice Niantic has the biggest crush on AR - so maybe this could also be a way to finally make that AR relevant to Niantic games and Wayfarer users? :grin: :pray:

Thanks for considering, Niantic Team!
And thanks for any support, additional ideas or constructive corrections to my suggestions to the community forum members as well!

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Great ideas.

I believe they are 19,415,163rd on the to-do list :slight_smile:


Thank you!
Oh, like they are already working on it? Or how do you mean? :sweat_smile:

They mentioned something related in the last AMA

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I don’t know. I’m not privy to what Niantic are up to behind the scenes unfortunately.

It may look like this though



I made this same basic post a couple days ago. It’s funny to know that others are thinking the same thing.

Yes, a drop down box explaining why you’re submitting this edit or a text box to explain it would improve things here and in PoGo/Ingress.


I’ll go find your post and like it immediately! :grin:

I wish more people got your jokes.

I mean, it took HOW MANY YEARS for edits to be added to Contribution Management?


Submit a nomination for the hammock (even tho it won’t show in any game as long as the playground is there).
If it’s rejected, appeal.
If marked duplicate, thumbs up the picture.
If it’s accepted, request removal of the defunct playground (and then your hammock will appear in game).

Yeah, that’s how we have to do it now. The point I’m going for is more how the process should be and could be smoother, quicker and more intuitive.
Imagine if we could just hit Report - Permanently removed - upload AR scan (or whatever) and a short description of the changes that caused us to report it.