Appeal rejected - Scenic lookout without a placemarker sign

I found this scenic viewpoint while I was on holidays and thought it would be a great Wayspot… but reviewers and Niantic rejected it.

Title: Un mirador de la ciudad junto al Castillo de Santa Bárbara
(A viewpoint of the city next to the Santa Bárbara Castle)
Description: Un mirador para admirar el hermoso paisaje de Alicante.
(A viewpoint to admire the beautiful landscape of Alicante.)

Supplemental Information: Los miradores son lugares fantásticos que vale la pena ver.
The viewpoints are fantastic places worth seeing.

Rejection Criteria: Generic Business, Temporary/Seasonal or Not Distinct

Appeal Statement:

Viewpoints are unique places - they allow you to look at the surrounding landscape from a completely new perspective. To get to this point, you need to follow a hiking trail to the top of the mountain, which also promotes exploration and physical activity. As a tourist who was there on holidays, I fell in love with this view and I think other people would love it too!

Niantic Note:

Thanks for the appeal, Explorer! We would recommend to submit with the placemarker sign representing the Wayspot location which will increase the chances of this nomination getting approved.

I believe that my nomination is a good example of a place worth seeing. I found it by accident while walking along the hiking path to the top of the mountain and I was lucky to see the sunset, what a beautiful view! If I had such a scenic lookout in my city and my friend was visiting me, I would definitely take them there. Niantic stated that 'We would recommend to submit with the placemarker sign representing the Wayspot location which will increase the chances of this nomination getting approved. - I understand that lookout points with placemarker signs have a greater chance of being accepted, but what if they don’t have any? From the photos you can tell that this is a place intended to stop and admire the landscape. You can confirm this by checking Street View, and the viewpoint is also marked on OpenStreetMap.


With all due respect, I think Niantic made the wrong decision :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.
What are your thoughts? I appreciate every feedback.


I love this view!
If I have had this in review it would be a pleasure to me to accept this.

Sign pffff


I would take that hike to see that view if I knew it were there. I would recognize that I had arrived at the Wayspot from this photo. There may not be a sign to “stop here and look at the view,” but the area is clearly provided for folks to do just that.

The clarification section on Seating Benches talks about how benches can placemark a great view and be eligible, so this standard ought to apply to a spot to stand that provides

The appeals team telling you to submit the sign instead when there wasn’t one makes me feel like they didn’t really consider this. But the outlined area, the lamp, and the railing all indicate this is a destination viewpoint. It would have been a great addition to Wayfarer locations.


We need to get away from signfarer
Love the view love the spot


Looks amazing.

Like @cyndiepooh if I saw that on the map I’d definitely clock it as a place to visit.


This thoughtful design by the park designers is evident. There’s a flat area and a railing clearly meant for observing the stunning view or taking selfies/photos. It’s definitely worth exploring! Great nomination!


This is really sad as that view is amazing. Signfarer is frustrating


There’s a lot of :black_heart: after each post here.

Probably a sign that most people are agog, bemused at the the community and Niantic rejection.

Maybe with enough someone will have a heart and reverse it :slight_smile:


This post is starting to get buried. @NianticTintino you asked us to continue to let y’all know when we think the appeals crew got it wrong, and I really think they did on this one in requiring a sign for what is clearly designed and recognizable as a place to catch the stunning view.


This is an awesome location and should be an exception to the rule of a bench having to be there !

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There is no rule about a bench having to be there. There often is and it can be suitable, but its not a requirement. The key is that it needs to be a set place, an anchor for the view.


Someone the new criteria thread with the bench got engraved in my head - thanks !

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Natural scenes have always been regarded as not eligible

Welcome @wredewillemien
Great to see you joining the discussion.
There was a time when something being a natural feature was a reason to reject.
Thinking on this has progressed.
Do read the Criteria Clarification Collection to make sure you are up to date.
Specifically the concept of a view being acceptable comes up in relation to benches Seating Benches . The conversation is not excluding other anchors for a view although it often will be a bench.
This particular case is one of those instances where there can be a range of views as ro whether it fits or not but it’s not an instant reject as you propose.


My nomination has been accepted, thank you everyone! :revolving_hearts:



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Yay! A big thank you to Niantic for looking at this again and being willing to reconsider as stated here:


I agree with this - I don’t want to see the Sign telling me about the Viewpoint, I want to see the View

Hi @TheBigMackero
Welcome to the forum :hugs:

Imagin you receive a postcard from this wayspot :heart_eyes:

You can always resubmit. There’s some subjectivity, and trying again might give a different result.

Keep in mind that the photo should be of the location being visited, not the scene from the location. So a bench, placard, structure, or the light post would be better for the location, then the city scene is OK for the additional area photo.

People will be using your primary photo to look for an object to walk towards, so that picture should be unique.

The location is fine, but better photos will help it get approved if you tried again.