Appealing rejected location edit

  • Wayspot Title: Escultura Origami

  • Location : 28.652352, -106.120088

  • City: Chihuahua

  • Country: Mexico

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

  • Additional Information: Hey guys long story short got a location edit rejected for some reason would like some help correcting it. With that said here’s a SS for context.

The marker on that picture shows the current location and the orange circle shows the actual spot where the sculpture is located, satellite view clearly shows it, I believe my change was denied as i couldn’t bring the marker on top of the sculpture because of the distance between the spots, I was planning to fix it with 2 corrections but I guess I can’t anymore so I’m hoping you guys can help. Just got the lat and long standing in front of the statue and it should be 28.652159,-106.120267 in case it’s required.

Thanks in advance

Moves are distance limited in the games (~10m in PoGo, ~20m in Ingress). There was a history of bad moves.

And, you are likely correct in thinking that the edit was denied because of it was incorrect.

The current process to do this is via the Wayfarer help chat.

  1. Visit the Wayfarer help page (also visible as the (?) on the left hand navigation menu)
  2. Click on the speech balloon on the bottom right corner to open a help chat
  3. Enter Skip to start the process.
  4. The chat will offer some documentation links and help links. Select I still need help
  5. More popups, select Wayspot Edits
  6. More popups, select Location Edits > 10m

At that point, it list some information you need to have handy, like title, current location, new location. All subsequent prompts are a straight line; no more choose your own adventure.

(For future readers, the process above could change and not be exactly the same.)

[I looked for these instructions in a existing post and Wayfarer docs but could not find one, otherwise I would have just linked to that. Could an Ambassador write up a pinned message that could be easily referenced? Or point me to such write up if one already exists?]

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pogo. Ingress allows you to move things more than twice as far.

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Great! Thank you dude. I was not aware of that process but with your instructions I got a ticket already submitted hoping it can be promptly reviewed and corrected.

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