Appealing the Removal of a Waystop/Pokestop

Although, I am fairly certain on another thread this was discussed as not being allowed. I was surprised when they reinstated the wayspot. I believe during the challenges LFL on the area between a sidewalk and road where advised as part of PRP due to it being part of the easement. So I am confused in reading this as it now seems to be allowed. :person_shrugging:
They should address this in clarification of LFL.


I don’t see how this does not apply to the ones in the strip.


Does entrance refer to the LFL, the nearby PRP, or ???

As Little Free Libraries are built on a human scale, only one or two people can exchange books at one time. They ‘block’ its entrance to others until they move aside. LFLs have never been explicitly banned, so perhaps they are not the subject here.

As the discussion refers to LFLs on eligible property, which entrance, trespassing, or traffic are they indicating? Any of those things require an ineligible placement. The sidewalk does not encourage trespassing or present danger from traffic.

This kind of verbiage does nothing to help anybody, but it does point out a major fly in Wayfaring’s ointment. There is a pretense that explorers will be using a POI in the same manner as non-playing citizens, that they will be shutting off their senses, and behaving like automata. Can’t people stand on the curb and the outer edge of a sidewalk, and still allow any number of other people to pass?

General guidance suggest pin placement at a point of discovery. Does this block access to parks, churches, tennis courts?


I suppose it depends on whether it meets other eligibility requirements (safe access, don’t have to trespass to reach it, not on a roadway, etc.)? It’s hard to envision. I’m not sure. Best of luck to you!

Cyndie, use your best judgement. If you feel it may obstruct private land owners, it is within your judgment to reject. If you feel doing so violates Niantic “Wayforum criteria,” amend your voting habits and/or skip.

I know how I choose to handle these

inconsistently and with my judgment.


Just because you want a stop at your house isn’t reason enough to make a rule that could cause problems for other people. Sorry.

I hope Niantic clarifies this at some point. Ultimately, there will be disagreement until they do.

@NianticAaron a final clarification would be useful. Are LFLs in people’s front yards eligible or not regardless of which side of the sidewalk (assuming there is a sidewalk, which most houses near me don’t have).

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This isn’t a stop I nominated. It’s not at my house. I can’t reach it from my house. It’s just in my neighborhood and I petitioned to get it restored because it appeared eligible based on my reading of the rules niantic laid out, and my neighbors and I wanted it back. I don’t make any rules. Niantic does. I hope they do clarify the rule on this so it can be laid to rest and there can be consensus in the review process. If you read the screenshot I provided in my original post and the comment by tehstone, it appears this is the criteria that is being applied consistently by niantic and has been for some time. This Wayspot is not breaking any eligibility rules (it’s not in anyone’s yard or on any family’s property) and the niantic team evaluated it and restored it, as they apparently have with many other wayspots in similar areas.

I really don’t want these comments directed at me anymore. I made my appeal and it’s been decided. The stop is already back in my neighborhood and I’m moving on. I had to publicly make this appeal because that is the process niantic instructs. There was no option to do it privately. I did nothing wrong. Your problem is with someone else. I hope someone from the niantic team responds to you. Have a nice day.


The rule is, and always has been “not on single family private residential property”

That hasnt changed

It was simply established that in this particular area, a section of ground that is considered sfprp in other areas, is in fact public land, so the waypoint was okay to be there

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I’m absolutly with you on that!
That’s the matter why I’m appealing nothing.
I report sometimes (gone graffities f.e.) if they reject → not my problem.

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