Approved wayspot disappeared from Pokemon go

I don’t know where to put this, but my wayspot has disappeared, it was definitely there and now it’s gone. :frowning:

It cannot be abuse, because it is exactly where it should be, check out Google street view ( the pole is still without the signs but it was from 5 years ago)

Not sure what happened with your spot, but the exact same sign is a wayspot just 20 meters or so away and again a little farther in the opposite direction. It may be a route marker, but it seems the exact same sign is spaced over and over very close together.

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No, it’s not the same, that is also a wayspot/pokestop, it’s close, but it is not the same. It’s a route towards a number so yes, you will encounter similar ones, but they are individual ones.

So there is actually another one that disappeared.

Title: Fietsmarker - 91 - Demanezstraat
Coordinates: 50.732798 / 3.629461
Town: Ronse

It’s a trailmarker legitimately accepted and in the place it should as confirmed by Google street view

This one was likely reported and removed for not having safe, pedestrian access. Is located along side a road, and very narrow road, that doesn’t have any type of sidewalk/pavement for pedestrians. I realize in many areas, particularly rural areas, people walk in the street, but Niantic does not consider that safe pedestrian access.

Looks like a few others in the are should not have been approved either because none have safe pedestrian access, like
Volg de route naar links voor 41, 50.733397, 3.629369
Perceel met gunstig bij-effect, 50.731666, 3.628451.

I’m sorry but that is ludicrous, then you might as well shut down playing in rural areas and you don’t understand Belgium and local situations at all! All rural streets in Belgium are like this. These streets are narrow but with very little traffic and thus you can deem pedestrian access as safe! I use these stops all the time during my running, and many others do to, as there is a lot of activity in the gyms surrounding the area. And that’s why also runners and cyclists use them and why the government and tourist organizations consider it safe to organize routes around and on them.

See this section on the forum as well

Tips for Reviewers of Rural Wayspots:

  • Sidewalks are not universally present or required. Low-traffic streets with grassy margins are used by locals to walk. Don’t accept things at private homes or farms, but consider the area when reviewing things like water fountains in the grass verge of a gas station or similar rural locations.

And unless you can provide evidence, this pokestop was not reported by a human but your system is malfunctioning somehow, it can not be a coincidence that all of a sudden 2 approved stops disappeared of the same user, as indicated if you browse any area in Flanders, this is what you will see in rural streets.

This has been an issue for rural players for years. You are not the first, and most likely not the last, to lament the challenges of playing these games linked to Wayfarer in rural area, and many people sympathize with you. It’s just Niantic requires that POIs have safe pedestrian access, which is very hard to argue if the POI requires walking and standing in a roadway. Sometimes it’s possible that a road has a safe shoulder or grassy area along side, but in the example here that’s not even the case.
Maybe others will have suggestions.

I understand how you feel. The same thing is happening to me locally. I discovered that the wayspots were moving fluidly to the location of the duplicated images. There are various actions being taken to organize the local area, but I don’t think the management understands which application is the first and most appropriate and is moving accordingly. I have also found AGs doing this intentionally, but I am shocked that the management is not responding. They are probably leaving them to create their own work. So I decided to continue to devote myself to increasing the wayspots. To the point where I can’t move around him.