Are these community stats right?

We have 10.9k users in the past month? 4.4k from the past week with the community challenge?

This means that within the last 30 days 10.9k unique accounts did at least one action on the forum. I think that includes just reading topics because the Discourse philosophy is that reading is an important part of the community.

The 4.4k in the last 7 days are a subset of the 10.9k.

Sign-ups shows how many new people joined in those times.

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The number of new users that sign in to the forum always goes up very sharply and to much higher level than normal around challenges - it happened on the old forum too.
I guess there are a mix of reasons for this -
Why am I suddenly reviews in a different language?
What is the exact timing of the challenge?
What are the rewards?
Where did all these memorial benches come from?
What are the pitfalls to watch out for in country X?
Why do I keep getting ! retry?
Why have I had 15 rejected edits?
Wow I have had 15 accepted edits.
etc etc