How to improve our current review skills?

The reports about (drastically) falling ratings growing up each day.
The team is working on it but meanwhile I wanted to ask the almost greats, whats your advice?
Do you recognize some abnormalities? Has something changing for you (in and outcoming?).
Maybe we don’t see, or understand the “nuances” which we were told coming up by now.
I appreciate any thoughts on it :hugs:

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I managed to remain in great after the challenge but haven’t reviewed much since after seeing everybody else plummet.

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I think it could be a few things

  1. Reviewing in other cultures - maybe they accept things we don’t or vice a verse. It may be easier to get agreements from your own country

  2. Maybe theres something funny about edits

  3. Maybe we did suddenly all become bad


First off, I was Great all throughout the challenge. Only recently have I had a dip from time to time down to Good, but it usually only last about a day, and it’s back up to Great.

As a US reviewer, I don’t think most have changed their reviewing of benches since the clarification change before the last challenge. I feel that most are still accepting memorial benches/tress/etc, even though they are no longer eligible. Neighborhood signs seem to be getting rejected more if they aren’t anything distinct, even though there isn’t clarification listed for those yet.

I’ve also noticed getting upgrades takes longer, so I also think some may have stopped reviewing entirely. It didn’t help that durig the challenge the site was quite buggy, especially on a weekend when more reviewers may be on. I received about 11-12 upgrades during the challenge, but now it’s been taken a few days, almost a week at times, to gain an upgrade.

On edits, I get about 1 or 2 title/description/location edits a week since the challenge, and maybe a few photo reviews every day. I think because Niantic hasn’t said whether or not upgrades can be used on edits again has slowed these down. We also haven’t heard if edits are going to count toward our upgrade agreements, even though with how many upgrades I received during the challenge, I feel that they may now count.

Ah, that will have hurt my rating for sure! I was rejecting those unless it was a really good nomination


I asked myselve in fact, if it could be one reason, that a large amount of reviewers are stopping rightnow and therefore the agreements won’t coming in :woman_shrugging:t2:
In germany we call it “Teufelskreis”.

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Yessss, we’re all bad :smiling_imp:
Would mark it as solution, but therefor 1 + 2 makes no sense :rofl:

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Then we will be back to long queues and backlogs that need fixed by a challenge and everyone will still ignore Boston.

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There have been posts here that Boston is a black hole that does not get anything reviewed unless upgraded, and Boston reviewers don’t even get nominations to review from Boston.


Ah. But wasn’t there the proof that reviews from Boston were seeing?
But now I understand better. Thanks :hugs:
Sometimes @26thDoctor confusing me

I think that during the event folks from Boston confirmed that some were being decided. Not sure what is happening with that area now though.


@cyndiepooh and @LetsRollGirl have you recognize a difference in your review tasks?

I hate to review right now. It is all so bleh. I try to force myself to review 25 a day when I used to do 100. With ML taking all the easy yes and no decisions, it is brain-numbing to try to decide how bad is too bad to accept. And how to reject things I would never submit. And whether maybe it could possibly meet criteria even though I would not submit it. I had one review the other day that I think I marked “idk” for every question.

Doing 25 reviews a day, I am averaging 8 agreements a day over the last week. I am keeping an eye on it in case my rating drops.


I review everyday. But in short spurts - maybe 3 to 5 at a time. If something was too complicated or I personally didn’t like the nomination, I would click on my stats so the nomination wouldn’t time out. With that cadence I was averaging 10 - 15 agreements per day.

Throughout the event I reviewed many many more than normal and I took advantage of the increased number of skips available. I did something like 630 reviews and earned ~ 5 Upgrades during the event.

After the event my agreements have slowed down quite a bit compared to pre-event standards. At first I attributed that to needing a break and revising a bit less. But as I have picked back up I think im still seeing fewer agreements. But there is always a delay, so I cannot be certain.

I am in the US for my play, local, and home regions. And have had New Zealand as a bonus prior to the event. Now I have Tasmania.

And my rating has been Great throughout.

What’s happening now is that we’ve reached definitive proof that the queue in Boston is broken as people have suggested for 4 years now, long before I began reviewing. I did around 12,000 reviews last year and it made no difference. Of those reviews, only about ~250 or fewer were actually from the city itself.

Last week we had over 30 people with their home and play areas set to Boston reviewing, did over 10,000 reviews, and only voted on a small handful of nominations in our home area. We collected and provided data in the thread @cyndiepooh was kind enough to link, and will almost certainly be ignored by Niantic as previous pleas have been.

Currently upgraded nominations which have been submitted for over 3 days are taking 2 days to go into voting and over a day to resolve.

The queue is 90% trash right now, while it could be an issue of the ML accepting clearly-acceptable stops it’s completely failing to weed out poor nominations, photographs taken from cars, light posts, titles that are horrifically misspelled, monuments to confederate losers, photos of people’s faces, or low-quality edits.

I’m increasingly confident and saddened that Wayfarer is no longer a system that provides any autonomy to reviewers. It is only a mundane task of rejecting nonsense which never should have been submitted. There’s no pay, Upgrades don’t work and are increasingly unnecessary for most of the world except Boston, and all the new reviewers we’ve recruited will surely come to realize this in short time.


I do feel like a lot of reviewers haven’t been to the forum/seen the Criteria Clarification Collection :sweat_smile:

I’ve been bouncing between good/great in rating, but was in great the entire challenge!


This is truly maddening. I have no idea why it is like this. I’ve heard the trade off with rural priority, but this does not explain why Boston is coming through at barely a trickle.

I’ve seen you (or another Boston person — what do you call yourselves?) speak on behalf of the area in other forums. It seems to be consistently awful.

I know a few other major cities aren’t great e.g. Los Angeles, and I’m sure there are more. But you guys have been consistently vocal. I’m not sure why this can’t be addressed.