Auto-reject on legitimate edit

A memorial plaque hangs on the house; a plaque is dedicated to a famous teacher and translator who lived there. The portal has the name “house” (in Georgian).



But the correction of the name is auto-rejected. Indeed, let it be a portal with the name “house”, what’s the big deal. It’s starting to get annoying, friends.

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Seems like a good candidate for a help chat edit appeal, which are still unlimited until May 15th. These can be made in the help chat bubble that pops up when you click the Help section on the Wayfarer website.

I had an automatic reject for a description edit where I was trying to make the description say what the message on the item was (was a nature area name board with a couple of lines of info about its creation)

It was automatically rejected I think due to the word school, but it was just that pupils from X School helped to plant the area in the 90s :laughing:

So I do wonder if there are rules about certain words in edits that would auto-reject?

I paraphrased, and got something more accurate accepted, so no action needed but I was interested as to why this may have happened

Yep, it’s good that you reminded of that. I had somehow forgotten that one can appeal edits through the help chat!

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It’s a fairly recent development and a brief one at that as these are moving into Contribution Management :slight_smile: