How to teach Emily not to instantly reject edits

I have title edits got rejected by Emily within minutes. What got me frustrated more is that Niantic told me to use appeals in Contributions Management page to appeal rejected edits, while we know that we can get 2 appeals quota in every 20 days.

Now imagine if you had done 20 edits in a day and say that all of them got instantly rejected by Emily. Would you prefer to wait for almost 7 months to appeal them all? Resubmission is out of option if Emily would reject them again. Not to mention that I would prefer to use appeals for rejected nominations given that my nominations are still getting incorrectly rejected.

Is there anything that can be done about this?


I had a description edit immediately rejected I think because it contained the word “school”. It was a park sign which contained some information about tree planting that had been done in 1993 with some local school children helping.

I had been wanting to make the description say exactly what the sign said, but that was rejected. I instead paraphrased and removed the word “school” thereby making my new description less accurate, but that was accepted just fine.

So possibly thinking whether some of these rejections are for reasons like that and if there’s a good way around it?

@NianticAaron or any Ambassadors, can any of you would offer a solution for this issue?

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Chiming in to say Emily doesn’t like art titles with one word or most restaurant names. “Luna” “Lady” etc. but “Luna Sculpture” works. I ended up having to add restaurant to the end of each restaurant as well.

I had this happen once, where I suggested a title and description edit, waited for the community to vote on them, and they were rejected. This was before we could appeal in Contribution Management, and I didn’t really want to go through the forum appeal process at the time, so I decided to resubmit them. Both were rejected within a minute of submission, and I figured it was because ML knew the community had rejected my previous submissions.

I know though that this isn’t the case for everyone, but it’s interesting to me what ML will accept and will reject. I’ve had some description edits with misspellings in it that have gotten accepted within hours, but then if I try to fix a title to note it’s a playground at a certain park, ML rejects it, even though the old title was never the name of the park or the playground to begin with.

Yes, ML can be crazy to figure out at times when it comes to edits, I totally agree with that.

I’m still bitter about eMiLy rejecting this one.


This would be great - I’ve had a couple of instant rejects that Niantic have accepted once appealed. I hated wasting my appeals on them, but how else will they teach Emily?

My rejects were:

ER Dance Academy - I’m in the UK so never even considered that the ER might be a problem, but I presume it was rejected because in the US (and maybe other places) ER stands for emergency room.

Air Ambulance Donation Station - a charity shop with a huge area to donate bigger items. I presumed rejected because of ambulance, and possibly station in the same sentence.

I’ve just had one rejected that is a memorial bench with a view of the old r1fle range. I nominated did the view of a historical site, but guessing the word r*fle upset Em! I will appeal that one and see what happens.

lol - couldn’t even post it here because of that word!


@NianticAtlas how about you speak up here rather than gave me another warning? If you feel that I’m just fussing around in this forum then feel free to ban me out of this forum.

Now what’s the solution to at least stop Emily to instantly reject edits?