Bunkers Rejected why?

Please provide:

  • A screenshot of your nomination, including rejection reasons if it has already been rejected
  • Include the title, description, both photos, and supplemental information
  • Copy and paste the title, description and supplemental so others can translate them
  • If you feel comfortable please share the location, as it is helpful (i.e. hidden duplicates), but you can mask it if you wish.

    I don’t understand the rejection of this stop. Thanks.

Does your email say “our team found”? I think this was a rejection by the ML model for the photo. FWIW, I just see some debris in some bushes in the photo as well.

It does. So the AI cannot see the bunker?

So much time is wasted on this AI rejecting good spots I think.

I must take better pictures then.

Yes. Try to take a photo that is more clearly of the bunker. If the ML model still rejects it, we get appeals more often now - every 20 days.

We don’t have this stuff where I am, so I can’t advise you on how to write it up. But write your argument as if you are talking to a person who has no idea what a bunker is. Make sure to explain exactly why this is a location that should be a Wayspot.

Thanks you - i have had a bunker accepted 100m from this / so odd.

Nice day to you!

Clearer photos could help your case here, it’s hard to tell what we’re looking at really.

I can’t read your supporting but it is very short so maybe add more there as to why you think it’s eligible, include some history, links to articles, whatever you can find to show it is a good POI.

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Since there is another bunker nearby make sure to give this one a title that distinguishes it from the other.