Can Lines on Routes be Edited by Niantic Wayfarer Staff

I recently encountered a number of routes where the in-game highlighted lines indicating the path to follow are out of sync with the real world (e.g. do not follow sidewalks). Is this something that Niantic Wayfarer staff can adjust or would the route need to be deleted and resubmitted? It’s not a big deal as I was able to figure it out but it could be improved. Thanks!

I’m afraid routes are nothing to do with Wayfarer, so you’ll need to message Niantic help in game I imagine. I don’t know if they can edit it or not though - probably not!

Routes are a Pokémon GO only feature which is not to do with Niantic Wayfarer at all.

You would need to raise any queries on them either in your Pokémon GO app or via the help page -

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