Synchronization or bug?

good evening, I wanted to ask if there is a bug or if the number of routes in pokemon go is limited
because I made 2 that were about 1 kilometer or 700 meters and neither one is displayed after saving, thank you in advance for your answer

Thanks for checking in. Routes are a feature of Pokemon GO. This forum is for Wayfarer. We don’t have any answers for Routes.

oh sorry but thanks for the answer anyway

I know this isn’t the right forum to answer, but to help you along the right path:

  1. Was it accepted and did it say it will be published into the game?

  2. If yes, it usually appears immediately so I’d try a restart and if no luck, report it to Niantic through the game.

  3. If no, I.e. it’s still sitting as submitted, you’ll need to wait for it to be manually reviewed. I’ve had one sitting for about 6 months now. It seems if you have one that goes anywhere near something sensitive like a school, it won’t auto accept (mine is on a signposted public footpath the runs along the very edge of the local secondary school car park).

Hope you get your routes published soon!