Correct title rejected on appeal

  • Wayspot Title: Esto Perpetua

  • Location (lat/lon): Ingress

  • City: Boise, Idaho

  • Country: United States

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any):

  • I appealed this title edit as the city of Boise updated the information on this Traffic box art. When it was originally submitted the title had to be made up and using the picture Esto Perpetua seemed to be a good assumption on the official title. When it was made known that the art had a different name I attempted to edit the title, I knew it would be difficult for the other wayfinders to change the title so I waited for the Rejection. I knew I could appeal it with supporting information linking to the city art website that has the correct title and artist.

    Cross Pollinate | Boise Arts & History

What is the best way to get this information across to the appeal team? When appealing we can’t upload photos, will they look at information provided in HTML links to pages with the correct information?

Unless they [appeal team] are not allowed to look at external link how do they ignore the official title of a piece of art?

Anyway, can I have this looked at and updated please.

I’ve included links with appeals before, so I think they are able to look at them. It wouldn’t make sense that the appeals team is unable to look at links, yet reviewers can. My last 2 appeals had 3 links to additional supporting photos in it to prove the POIs were where I marked them to be, and weren’t dupes, which ML had decided for the rejection reason.

The thing is, the appeals team doesn’t seem to do the best job searching online to confirm if what was submitted is correct or not. Restricting online access seems to be a hinderance for the appeals team to get their job done.

Other than appealing through Contribution Management, I don’t know if an appeal here in the forums will work. Some have used help chat to see if they can get an edit appealed, while others have used the online modification request with either PoGo or Ingress.

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