• Wayspot Title: Les anciennes Arches , Les Remparts du Château
  • Location (lat/lon): 43.726689, 5.550629 43.727619, 5.551158
  • City: La Tour d’Aigues
  • Country: France
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I’m writing to express my concern about 2 POI that seem redundant. The Château de la Tour d’Aigues is already registered as a Point of Interest (POI). However, the arches, which are simply a natural feature of the château, are present on all four sides of the building, as are the ramparts. As these elements are intrinsically linked to the castle, their presence as a separate POI seems superfluous. If deleting the 2 POI is not an option, could you please explain to me why the 2 POI have been maintained at this precise location rather than on the other 3 sides? Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely


Please don’t tag staff for a non-emergency issue. They will process this as they have time to do so. Having a couple of extra POI on the map is not an emergency (as long as they are safe for pedestrians).

Hello, sorry I did not know I will withdraw my comment, sorry again

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Thanks for the appeal, @Zorua1984 After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot “Les anciennes Arches” in question. We took another look at the Wayspot “Les Remparts du Château” and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

The ramparts are those of the château de la Tour d’Aigues, which is already a wayspot at this position 43.726364, 5.549927 and therefore duplicates this one.