Feedback Thread From Previous Forum Ignored

The previous forum had a thread soliciting feedback on the review process.

Within the course of that thread many reviewers requested a fix on desktop to allow the photo, description, and supplementary info visible on one line so that they wouldn’t be required to needlessly scroll up and down several times before voting on the topic.

Throughout this ordeal it became evident that there wasn’t proper QA done on desktop or tablet, and some Wayfarers were able to submit fixes in their spare time that fixed this within their own browsers. Because of this fact it seems that this would be fairly “low-hanging fruit” to correct within a short period of time. However, the topic soliciting feedback went unanswered for six months. It caused people to question how serious Niantic were about soliciting sincere feedback and making the Wayfarer experience streamlined.

Are there any plans from Niantic to address this, or is it simply being ignored?


I will add repeated requests for iPad users where the interface is at its worst.

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I doubt it was ignored, as there are quite a few things that need fixing with Wayfarer, such as adding edits to Contributions Management. It most likely has been noted; these are things the ambos do like to keep track of.

We do indeed.
I appreciate that as nearly 6 months have passed since the launch of the new review flow, without a formal update, it must feel frustrating.


This is the version I created and use for myself for desktop use, however, users should not need to rely on external plug-ins to have a useable interface.


Is there a plugin for automatically scrolling on the “socialize” card? If I select “yes” the page doesn’t auto scroll to the next because there’s a sub-question asking how many people can gather there.

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I personally have the Anti-Social plug-in installed which hides the optional pop-up entirely.

Requires WFES Base:


I wholeheartedly agree, and many of us have been voicing this same suggestion to Niantic. There are limited resources to fix many different concerns, but I also want to see this one prioritized. I pretty much always review on a computer, since I can see more at once, and I know I’m not alone.


While i am not arguing against making these changes, i personally don’t think the new review screen is the tragedy that some claim it is. I don’t see the point of kicking and screaming like it’s the end of the world instead of learning to adapt to change.

Apps and technology change. That’s life. Reddit killed off the free app i loved (Relay). What did i do? I adapted. I now use the Reddit mobile app. I don’t love it, but I’ve figured out how to use it. 2 decades ago, i didn’t love changing to digital TV because i liked how my VCRs worked. But i adapted and now i only watch streaming content. I still miss playing games in AOL chat rooms but they’re gone. I’ve adapted to other online spaces for gaming.

Of course i think there are changes that Niantic need to make to the review screen. But to claim it is unusable feels histrionic to me.


I agree with @seaprincesshnb on the format issue. I hate it, but got used to it. What I hate about them ignoring the feedback thread is that it is almost six months later and I still don’t know how to reject many common things seen while reviewing. For example, today I got a street sign along a sidewalk. It gets check marks in all four of the first questions. The ambassadors relayed an example of generic lamp posts possibly being not “distinct”, so I used that to reject the street sign. However, that is not the meaning of “distinct” in the tool tip, so idk if that was the “correct” rejection.

Why don’t we have a check box for just not meeting criteria? Or is that what the “other” box under accuracy is supposed to be used for? I asked this question in several different versions in the old forum section until i realized that there would be no answers from Niantic there, so I stopped looking there.


I would be pleased if you added something you’ve in your mind to my recent collection in this threat:

I have the little hope, if we as a representative user community collect all together a good list of rejection criterias, it could help us doing a high quality review and it could better used for rejection text phrases for automated emails, than niantic decided to take it :woman_shrugging:t2:

I use the other box to explain my crosses above. Mostly with same text phrases to underline repeating cases.

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Omg. Is there are a collection of extensions? I would love to see what else there is.

Weirdly a little more motivated to review now lol.

A proper rejection reason would be great. I refuse to mis-use generic business or distinct and just reject on last three. If things go through that shouldn’t that’s Niantic’s problem. Give us the tools or accept the consequences.


Since we’ve discussed this before, please remember that people have different abilities and the new format may cause considerable extra difficulty for people. A format which is easy-to-fix, should never have been rolled out in the first place, and then goes entirely ignored by the Niantic staff responsible for soliciting feedback is not a good experience.

Your analogies are misplaced because the systems which were replace had working replacements. Reddit got rid of 3rd party apps because they wanted an IPO but made upgrades to their crummy mobile platform. Digital streaming has the ability to fast forward, rewind, and all the functionality of a VCR with a mostly user-friendly experience - you don’t even need to rewind when done! If a digital streaming service decided that for every minute you watch you need to scroll further down on the page, asked for feedback, and then ignored it for half a year that would be much more similar to what’s happening here.

Knowing you I’m sure your intention wasn’t to be, but this does come off as being dismissive. If Niantic are soliciting feedback on how to improve they ought to be accountable or communicative on the matter.

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There is a collection of community-developed plug-ins at

I tinker around with developing some misc plug-ins which are on my personal Gitlab in the Misc. folder.

There are communities like the Wayfarer Discussion Discord which have a tools-chat channel, and developers of a number of these tools are there.


I truly appreciate this answer and am on the same page. But the AMA said

If you believe that a nomination should not be on the map, make sure you review the nomination and thumbs down Safe, Appropriate, Accuracy, or Permanent and Distinct to have your review reflect a rejection.

so I try to do that.

If you have actual reason for why the new review layout is difficult, please explain those. What i have heard before from you is:

“I have to scroll now.”

Ok, why is that a problem?

“Scrolling is hard for me”

Ok, without revealing too much personal information, can you explain why?

I do not want to dismiss your concerns, but what I’ve seen you write before seems to be based only on your own personal experience. I don’t see you trying to explain the issues from a universal design perspective or from an accessibility perspective. It is just presented as “It’s hard for me, therefore it is the most awful design ever conceived by mankind.”

Also, as has been pointed out here and various other places (like WDD where i know you are active), there are plug-ins to fix the issue you dislike. If its an accessibility issue, view the plug-in as an adaptive tool until Niantic is able to (or decides to) address design issues. People with poor vision use screen readers to access technology, people with tetraplegia use assistive technology to access phones and computers. I think the plug-ins can be viewed the same way.

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IMO reviewing is slower than it has to be. Too much unnecessary scrolling and fighting with a webpage. That wasted time and frustration gets added up over 100, 1000, 10000 nominations. Not something I’d
cry about but when a proper webpage is implemented it makes doing what you have to do way more pleasant.

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I don’t scroll more on PC. I simply read in a different order. Most people were so used to reading in the old order that it’s difficult to change.

I now read: title, main photo, description, location/map, second photo, supplemental.

The only time i need to scroll a little bit with that order, is when i need the second photo to help me locate it on the map. However, in those cases, i most likely am opening up a second tab to view it directly on google, so a little bit more scrolling makes no difference.

And i don’t think the old layout would mean no scrolling in those situations.

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I review review with the browser a bit zoomed out so I can see more at once. Even on full-screen with 67% zoom, I cannot see the supporting photo at the same time as the map. They are located at opposite corners on the screen. This does not assist me in helping to locate the Wayspot – which is the whole point of the supporting photo!

I also don’t like that it poses questions and people may begin answering them without having read the supporting information which may be relevant to understanding the nomination. I don’t like the prospect of people ticking thumbs down and rejecting without reading the supporting statement which explains the eligibility of the nomination.

Having the supporting photo brought up to the top absolutely allows me to (1) get an understanding of the whole nomination and (2) allows me to position the screen so I can see the main photo, supporting photo and the duplicate map at the same time so I can use both photos to determine the location.

The fact that the text wrap setting on the supporting information hasn’t been fixed after 6 months is quite bad.

Original layout:

With plug-ins:

There is poor utilisation of available space. Consider, for example, the width provided to the category selection screen, the majority of which is black.

By placing the category selections and menu side-by-side, there is less wasted space.