Generic Business Rejection from Niantic Voting For Trail Markers

Please provide:

  • A screenshot of your nomination, including rejection reasons if it has already been rejected

  • Include the title, description, both photos, and supplemental information
    Connection trail joining Neptune Road to Ravenscroft Place. Hike through Pachena Park and visit the Lookout on Pachena Place to view Swartz Bay area and terminal.

This area of North Saanich was a huge dead zone. There are connecting trails through this winding and steep area and a few local parks. This area is right by a great lookout which is likely to be accepted. This went into Niantic Voting and it was rejected.
Any suggestions would be helpful!

Oh there was a second rejection that also went to Niantic Voting.

You have 2 choices: appeal or resubmit. Since Niantic already looked at these nominations and rejected them, it may be hard to get them approved on appeal. You also only get 2 appeals every 20 days, which is another issue.

I really don’t see anything wrong with the submissions, other than east and west being capitalized in the 2nd description (they shouldn’t be, since they’re just the directions, not part of any name). The photos look good, and you even included a link to the trail in the supporting info.

However, both of the locations seem to be on or near private property when viewing them in Google Maps and Street View. This could cause an issue, since Wayspots are not allowed on private property. If you do resubmit, you may have to be a little more accurate with where you’re placing the map pin, as well as prove these aren’t on private property with your supporting info.


This is a difficult area to use for placement. If you are there it sticks my pin on the opposite side of the road, such as for my Hedgerow one, which was denied for “mismatched location” originally. I went back out and had to switch to map view. Satellite view is pointless there. Unfortunately, I need to go out again most likely to resubmit them. They are too far to do from home, as well the gps is a bit wonky, and the satellite view isn’t great. They were not rejected for private property though. Some of the trails are larger to allow horses. The larger pdf map explains where the trails allow horses to traverse. The municipality just went out and are repainting all the trail markers that faded as since I submitted this last time the marker was repainted. I accidentally appealed the wrong nomination the other day. I nominated something out there and went to upload it and it vanished into the void. So I went to appeal it, but appealed the wrong one. I actually appealed this hedgerow one accidentally. They denied that and then took the newer nomination, which I did upload prior to appealing into niantic voting. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Plus I have no appeals left anyway.

So from my OP the Pachena Park Trail Marker was approved from Niantic. Just not the Hedgerow one, also indicated above. I am not sure what to do. Some of the trails are wider such as this one to allow horseback riding, which is allowed at Green Park and the trails that run east/west to access Green Park, such as this one.
This would be the third nomination I will do for this particular trail marker. Any further suggestions?

For: Hedgerow - Cascara West Connection Trail

Not sure if anyone can take a peek and let me know what you think. It was mentioned above about my capitalizing the direction or perhaps being too close to property.
I waited until my appeal was available and yes I probably should not have used it on this since it went to Niantic Voting the first time. The difficulty is in satellite view, meaning I cannot nominate from a distance and even then gps might be a bit wonky when I am out.
So it was rejected as above and then I appealed it. Atleast this time around they gave me a note.

Niantic rejected the appeal with this reasoning:

I did explain that the trail is wider as used by horses and clearly indicated where it comes out on Cascara. It is part of the east/west trails to Green Park.

They didn’t have an issue with the location, accuracy etc. Just it is generic.
There is so much discussion on trail markers I don’t know where the final answer went. It is clearly laid out in the North Saanich Guide provided in my nomination for individual trails. So far this road has been the hardest to get approvals on. It is the closest to the Regional Park and furthest from Green Park where this trail system is part of. This is the only one that was rejected twice, not counting the appeal. However, the first time due to gps it was showing up on the opposite side of the street and labelled as mismatched.

Currently in this region I have 17 accepted and 4 in voting.