How big can a regional chain be?

Recently I discovered a local wayspot is actually a small restaurant chain of 5 places. I came across another one a few miles away that is not a wayspot.

Meanwhile, another nearby wayspot is a local grocery chain with 53 stores. My initial invalid report was rejected; I wish there was a “Generic business” option when reporting an invalid wayspot!

Anyway, I figured, how big a regional chain can be before locations can be considered “generic” probably falls somewhere in between 5 and 50.

Have there been previous discussions on this topic I couldn’t find? If not, any guidance? Something based on density maybe?

For example, when Fry’s Electronics was still around, they had 30 stores. Most (all?) had a unique theme that, I think, would have allowed them to be wayspots themselves, as well as possibly unique spots inside. But I suspect most chains would not be so interesting.

But, would a grocery chain of only 10 stores in a metro area be too many to be unique and interesting?

I know “it depends.” But, depends on what? What would folks take into consideration?

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Tesco: 4,673
Żabka: Over 10,000
Wal-Mart: 10,586
Starbucks: 38,038

None of these meet removal criteria.


No matter how large the chain is, if you can prove local significance, it can be accepted. Most people do not prove the local significance in their nominations, and the bigger the chain, the harder it can be to convince. For example, the first store in a large chain could be historically significant. Or a franchise that was lobbied for by the community.


I don’t think it’s about “how many” and about there being a certain cutoff, there’s not been such a rule for a while now. The “Generic Business” rejection is confusing but I would argue a number of (small or large) chain businesses can and do meet criteria.

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Best thing, in my opinion, about any business is to find something at the business that is more eligible than the business itself.

Maybe a mural, fountain, statue or some plaque.

We have a McDonald’s here that has a plaque out front about how it was the first McDonald’s in Idaho.

We have many Duch Bros Coffee shops where the sidewalk engravings or the outdoor seating area around a fire pit is what is the nomination.

Picnic Gazebos at Maverick (gas stations)

I think this is the better way to approach business submissions with out actually submitting the business.

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There’s no set number, but even the small, regional chains where I live, if they have a Wayspot, it’s for something that is eligible.

For example, there’s a regional chain restaurant where I live that has a few locations in other nearby cities. The restaurant itself doesn’t have a Wayspot, but it does have a decorative “moon rock” themed water fountain, as well as one for the mural that wraps the building, and is unique to the location.

Another example, and I’ve had 2 approved, are the murals Walmart has been putting in their stores. Each mural is unique to each store, and usually depicts the area the store is in. I’ve approved many of these in review, such as 1 in Pensacola, FL showcasing the city’s history with the naval base there, or 1 in San Antonio highlighting the river canals and San Antonio Spurs.


They may not be as big, but I forgot a couple important ones!

Men’s Wearhouse: Over 630
West Lakes Family Dentistry Trail Marker: 1