Wendy's poke stop got rejected i don't know how or what to do?

I put a spot for Wendy’s but it got rejected I thought fast foods count ? I don’t know what to do or how to do it ?

While a fast food chain could be significant for a community, I wouldn’t automatically assume most are unless the nominator proved that.

Which of the criteria did you feel it meets and how did you convey that to reviewers?

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I mean It’s a great place to socialize with others and a good fast food restaurant ?

The tool tip for the “Appropriate” section gives reviewers more information about what is eligible. “Generic Business” is a rejection reason, and chain restaurants are specifically listed.

Ooo okay so just give it more information

I would only resubmit this if you can prove that this Wendy’s is “uniquely important to the local community” with links supporting your statement.


One of the Rejection criteria is for generic businesses, this includes chain restaurants.

Do you have a Safeway or Tesco nearby that you could try instead?


I wish we could react with more emojis than just one :laughing: :joy_cat:

Can also recommend Lidl … (had to do an edit review on one of those, where’s the option for “none of the photos meet criteria and neither does the waypoint!”)

I’d say a Wendy’s could be a good place to socialise- it depends on the local area. We do get waypoints approved at chain restaurants in the UK, so I would say it depends how well you “sell” it to reviewers as a good place to socialise.

You can also look inside for any unique artwork etc that could be submitted instead, if the restaurant proves difficult.

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I’m obviously just messing and making fun of how the map and what you see on it doesn’t always align with the criteria :slight_smile: @Pokemonappers

If you are looking to add things and build up your area rather than just get one extra potato posting your very general map location usually incentivise others to help you find things locally.

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If you want an extra potato( p0kestop) … Try Tesco :slight_smile: