How do I close my account?

I’ve spent a few weeks reading through info and posts and decided this isn’t for me but I can’t find how to delete my wayfarer account.

There’s normally a clear “delete account” button in the profile or settings section but I can’t find it.

I actually don’t think you can. You could perhaps tag a Niantic admin or contact them through the chat bubble that appears when you scroll to the bottom of the help section of the Wayfarer page. There is nonetheless a theoretical possibility that deleting your Wayfarer account could cause an issue with the account of other Niantic services you log into. (Many players reported losing access to their PoGo account when deleting their Peridot account.) :thinking:

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@JohnSmith2306 I know Wayfarering isn’t the easiest thing around but it can be very satisfying when you get the hang of it. Please consider going over to the Nomination Support area and posting some of your questions before you leave! There are lots of folks around that can help.

Otherwise I think @zrickxy has answered your question to the best of community knowledge.


Appreciate the information, thanks very much, I’ll just leave it active and not use it as I don’t want to affect other services.

If you delete ANY Niantic account, you’ve deleted them all.

Deletions are treated the same as bans.

For example, if you created a Monster Hunter NOW account, and then delete it - you’ve deleted your PokemonGo account too.

Unless Niantic finally addressed this (which I doubt).

It’s Wayfaring.

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