I can Facebook Login to Wayfarer Community but not Wayfarer

Ive used Wayfarer before and logged in via Facebook, but when attempting to right now, it says my Facebook needs an email associated with it (obviously, i have an email associated with my FB account).

Now when I login to community.wayfarer.nianticlabs, I’m just fine and can post. Looking at other sites, MANY people have had this issue.

Make it make sense.

Are you logged into the game you submit from with Facebook?

Yep! But when trying to submit a new PokeStop, i get this:

I even see my email when i log in using Facebook:

@pokenomics Could you try logging out and logging back in using the Facebook/Google login method to see if that helps? If you continue experiencing trouble, please contact the in-app support team and share the details. They will assist you.