Uploading pokestop contriburion

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, my account is lvl41. The account is linked to my gmail account, and on the wayefer website. When I click new pokestop in the game settings, it keeps telling me that my account needs be linked to an email or Facebook. Looked everywhere for solution but it all just leads to “link your email” which I have done.

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Are you logging into the game on the gmail account, or is it just linked?

You do need to log into the game via Google or Facebook if you want to submit anything for Wayfarer. You can’t just have your account linked and use the trainer club or Apple ID to login. Yes, weird, but it login to the apps has to be either Facebook or Google to access Wayfarer through them.

You may also need to check to see if you have given Google permission to provide your email address to Niantic, as you receive emails after submitting. Typically, this is a setting in your Google account, in Date & Privacy, in the Third-party apps & services section.


Thank you both, I was signed in using Apple ID not google ingame. I see what went wrong. Issue is resolved


Como puedo crear pokeparada

You must be level 37 in Pokemon Go. If you are, tap settings, then uploads to get to the “Pokestop Contribution” section.

Please do some research before submitting. You are submitting a Wayspot, not a Pokestop, even though the prompts tell you that you are submitting a Pokestop.

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Welcome @Miyaguer89

The basic answer is in Pokémon Go>settings > uploads

Additional advice:
Don’t just dive in, there is a high chance that approach will end in frustration.
You will need to go through the wayfarer information.
In spite of what it says in game you are NOT submitting a pokestop. You are submitting a wayspot.
There are several points when your submission may not not pass and in there is a final step where Pokémon Go decides what accepted wayspots will enter the game.
Do your research and do ask questions.

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