Invalid Wayspot Appeal - Let's play chess

This community is wasted. Portal is in middle of the highway(!), and edits are rejected… Edit it, or remove.

  • Wayspot Title: Let’s play chess
  • Location 50.021608,19.93016:
  • City: Krakow
  • Country: Poland
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email *(
    Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 12.51.05
  • Additional Information it’s in middle of highway!:

The picture used for the wayspot seems to show that it’s in a safely accessible location somewhere next to the highway or overlooking it. However, the pin for it is obviously misplaced. Rather than requesting removal, you should provide the correct coordinates of it so that Niantic can move it to reflect the real world location of it. You may need to take geotagged photos though as Google satellite view is out of date and shows the area before the highway was built. There’s no street view there either with it being a new road.

If I had to guess, based on a satellite image from another source that does show the highway (but isn’t as high quality as Google Maps), I reckon that the chessboard is actually located at approximately 50.021801,19.929215

“However, the pin for it is obviously misplaced”

Yes it is misplaced. but niantic is not responding to “Edits” so I reported the inaccessibility. As for me it doesn’t matter if they liquidate or move it.

Simply should not be a portal on the highway

If I remember correctly it is about 20-30m further along the road.
Does it match your calculations?

The location indeed should be adjusted to reflect real life location. According to ESRI map, that has more up-to-date data compared to Google/Apple Maps it appears that the Wayspot should be closer to 50.021718, 19.929225

There’s actually several chess tables, I’ve picked the one that is closest to the “barrier” as it’s most close to the original submission. In the picture below, you can see the other chess tables and their location against the “barrier”.

Thanks for the appeal, Explorers. Based our research, we’ve made necessary changes to the Wayspot’s location.